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Throne Of Elves 3d Anime Action Mmorpg

Throne Of Elves 3d Anime Action Mmorpg

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The description of Throne of Elves

Throne of Elves is an MMOARPG based on the well-known movie.

In the mythical Elven world of Altera, the dragon forces are revolting. To balance the order and chaos, epic battles unfold between the beautiful Princess Liya and the Dark Elf Elena, who has gained possession of a jewel so powerful that it allows its holder complete authority over all of Altera. It is time to gather all adventurers to fight against the forces of evil.

Game features
[Stunning 3D Gameplay Visuals]
-- 3D graphics so beautiful that you will get lost in the world of Altera for days
-- Breathtaking real-time PvP combat with nonstop action
-- 3D+ view and world. Find your favorite view and watch your team take down the enemies that stand before you.

[4 classes, advanced character]
-- Warrior, Assassin, Demon Hunter, Ranger – select your favorite class to begin your adventure
-- Over 50+ skills to choose from
-- Move around and keep your eyes on the competitors. Jump, roll, and hit to inflict double damage.

[Unique dual weapon system]
-- Throne of Elves features a dual weapon system, allowing you to switch weapons in battle freely.
-- Every weapon has its own specific skill. Switch weapons in time for powerful combos.

[Summon cute pets]
-- Summon pets to fight by your side
-- 3D cats and dogs feature unique skills, allowing you to defeat the evil forces
-- Level up your pets to strength your power

[Customize your character]
-- Numerous outfits designed for each class. Dress up and stand out from the crowd
-- Dragon, wolf and unicorn mounts… which will you choose?

[Clan and guilds]
-- Group up with friends and guild mates to take down the server boss in epic 3D battles!
-- Engage in mass-scale PvP combat and receive epic loot in raid dungeons
-- Dance or date others exclusively in-game

Friendly Online Customer Service and Community
We have 7x24 online customer service if you ever encounter any problems in-game. We have opened additional communities on Facebook and Discord, where you can report issues any time, make friends from across the world and talk to GMs directly.

NOTICE: Throne of Elves is free to play, however certain in-game items can be purchased with real money.

Facebook Page
Follow Throne of Elves on Facebook to regularly receive free in-game gifts and rewards. There are also many interesting events and activities held daily waiting for your participation.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poppacetoe/
Support E-mail: [email protected]

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