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Weapons Throwing Rpg

Weapons Throwing Rpg

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★An exhilarating weapon-throwing battleRPG!★
As clouds stream by, there is turbulence in the air and turmoil onthe horizon...
Behold, as epic battles unravel here on this island in thesky!

◆Simply tap the screen to play!◆
Fight your enemies by throwing weapons, and destroy the weaponsyour enemies throw at you!
The weapons grow stronger as you use them, and level up duringfights — the higher the level, the more unique your techniques willbecome!
Have fun combining weapons and items to create your ownstrategy!
Choose from six characters and master each of theirabilities!

◆Fight monsters with your Combat Pets!◆
Make friends with Combat Pets who will help you fight!
The more they fight by your side, the more they will come to yoursupport!

◆Fight in the arena!◆
Test your strength in the arena!
Win battles to earn rare weapons and accessories!

Yusdaril is an island in the sky.
It has formed peaceful relations with its neighboringnations,
but these relationships are beginning to deteriorate.
One day, six islanders are summoned by the Island Lord.
He tells them, "Something strange is happening to the sky.
I ask for your assistance... You have the ability to duplicate andthrow weapons.
I want you to use your powers to save this island."
The heroes are drawn into a battle that will decide the fate of thesky...

You like RPG games
You like exciting battles
Or you just want to kill time?

Materials borrowed from the following sites
Usui no kai (http://usui.moo.jp/frame2.html)
R do (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Milano-Cat/3319/)
bakenekokan (http://neko.moo.jp/)
Whitecat (http://whitecafe.sakura.ne.jp)
RTD web site (http://rtdweb.web.fc2.com/)
obane no koya (http://obane.tuzikaze.com/)
M-ART (http://mart.kitunebi.com/)
amacha music (http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/)
Free Sound Effects (http://taira-komori.jpn.org/)
Sound Effect Lab (http://soundeffect-lab.info/)

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