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X-laser Piano Simulated

X-laser Piano Simulated

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★ ☆ ★ Welcome to the World of X-Laser pointerssimulated mobile phone and Android tablet.
This application is free and you can download it and start playingdirectly.
* X-Laser simulated is a game, not a real laser. The laser beamwill not leave your device, only look inside the screen of yourphone or tablet creating a simulation *
Also this set has a flashlight that can change at any time usingthe LED light flash your mobile phone. The flashlight only works onphones or tablet incorporating LED flash on the camera.


In the main menu you will find three options:

❶ Option 1 (Icon X-Laser)
❷ Option 2 (Icon X-Balls)
❸ Option 3 (Icon X-Flashlight Led)


By accessing option 1 you will enter the selection screen X-Laserpointers. The first pointer comes unlocked and you can start usingit at any time. The remaining X-Laser pointers can unlock gettingcoins playing X-Neon Balls Trigger X (Option 3). Once pinches onX-Laser pointer will access the living laser shots. When you pressthe button on your laser pointer will get a laser beam color (red,green, etc.) .. depending on the pointer you've selected above.Further clicking will issue a special sound simulating laserweapons science fiction and vibrator activate your mobile phone. Ifyou've unlocked all pointers, then you can also activate the LEDflash light synchronized with the laser beam.

X-BALLS - How to play?

In the main menu you must click on the icon of the X-Balls (Option2) and will gain access to laser shot game balls to get coins XNeon.

Enter the X-Galaxy, aim your cannon and shoot your X-Laser Lightball. The aim is to shoot the balls to match 3 or more X-balls ofthe same color. This game works with one touch on the screen. TheX-balls can bounce off the walls always following the angle youhave marked in the shot. Do not neglect because the roof will fallfast and if the balls touch the gun shots you've lost the game.There are over 500 different levels, with each level you get get acoin win neon will be added to your wallet. The more coins you getyou can unlock new X-Laser pointers.

X-Flashlight flash - How I can activate the flashlight on my mobilephone?

On the main menu click on the button flashlight and LED light willautomatically turn on your phone. This option is only compatiblewith devices that incorporate LED light.
Pressing once will keep the flashlight to turn off the LED lightpress the button.
We have included in this first version strobe flashlight. Pressingthe strobe flash the LED emit light flashes, turns on and offautomatically creating flashes of light. This light only workswhile the button is pressed, when you lift your finger strobeflashlight off.
Take special care with the use of flashlight, battery consumptionis greatly reduced further if you use the flashlight strobe notpoint directly to the eyes of people and animals that can beannoying. Therefore this application is in the category of Adults.Age at maturity High.

We hope you like this game and feel free to rate and review thisapplication, all ratings and reviews help us improve. If you thinksomething could be improved please notify us via email oropinions.

The X-Laser Team © 2015
News (May 27, 2015):

The new version of laser pointer simulated includes numerousenhancements and bug fixes.

+ New sound effects in laser light and game balls. All music hasbeen re synthesized stereo audio channels including on some tracks.Now you can enjoy better sound effects using headphones connectedto your device.

+ Fixed bug in flashlight for some models of Samsung GalaxySeries.

+ New graphics in some game sprites and alert messages.

+ Improved texting multiple language translation.

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